Monday, 6 January 2014

County Big Year Sum-up

It has once again been a while since my last post, not a lot of additions, didn't get out all that much toward the year end. My big year ended with a total of 260 different species. Mind you, two of those species remain unidentified; Western/Cassin's Kingbird, and Red/(necked-) Phalarope. My last post was back in the end of October, and I sat at 258, so here are my two last year birds: Golden Eagle, (5 total birds within about a month, 4 of which on the same day), and I finally!!! got the Northern Saw-whet Owl at Perch Creek to end the list off. I did have a few other good birds to end the year off, I'm not going to list them all, that would take a very long time to type out, and I'm sure you'd be bored by the end! Haha, but I will post some pics I've taken since the last post.


Apparently this RTHA can't read the sign.

First "pair" of imma. Golden Eagles of that day.

One of the second two seen.

Bigger then a HERG, suspected GLGU x GBBG Hybrid

same bird

Very interesting wing-tips on this gull, very pale (suggestive of GLGU background)

Can you find the interesting goose?

It's got its head up now!

Now yawning! Greater White-fronted Goose!

Didn't notice this goose in field, debating with myself about whether a "lesser" Canada goose, or cackling. My vote on Lesser CANG.

The centre Horned Lark is of the "Hoyt's" subspecies!! Had it confirmed by Ron Pittaway and Jean Iron.

This flock actually had all 3 subspecies recorded in ON of Horned Lark.

Very surprised first time I saw it because the amount of Longspurs in it! Unfortunately all appeared to be Lapland.

Dark Roughie

SNOW on Forest Rd
same bird

I do believe it is a HY male

Same day as previous SNOW, but 30km SSW

I think this is my first wild Long-eared Owl shot!
Eastern Towhee on the Wallaceburg CBC

Short-eared Owl Wallaceburg CBC

Believe it or not, this is 2 of 3 Short-eared Owls at the solar farms on Blackwell

"Intermediate" morph Rough-leg. One was at this same location all winter last year.
Same bird

Same bird

Adult Iceland Gull at Point Edward Lighthouse

Nice new-year treat at my feeders! There from 1st till at least 3rd. Chipping Sparrow and what I believe to be a "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco. Anybody disagree?

So for the next while, I am not in Lambton County. On Saturday morning, the 4th, I left for College. So I am now in Lindsay ON, studying at Sir Stanford Fleming College, taking Fish and wildlife. I will be blogging when I get time/material to blog about, but my birding is limited as I have no vehicle. Thanks for everyone's support during my big year! And happy new year to everyone reading!

Good Birding!! And Good Luck!

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